Custom Applications

CODANK Application Services division specializes in Web, Intranet and Database development. Our team is experienced in Business Process Reengineering and Project Management methodologies. We will work with our client personnel to define, develop, test and deploy leading edge business applications. Using effective project management techniques we are able to develop and deliver fully functional software for a fixed price, so long as there is sufficient requirements definition.

Among our leading partnerships, our partnership with Microsoft has been particularly beneficial, and we have achieved a great deal of success and expertise as a result. We have teams of project managers, analysts and developers trained and experienced with MSF, Visual Studio (.Net), SQL Server, ASP, Multi-tiered Application design, Windows 2003/2008, Exchange 2003/2007, Active Directory. We've also worked extensively with non-Microsoft platforms such as Linux and Unix.

Whether you are looking for a new application, to update (and perhaps web-enable) an existing one, to migrate to a new platform, or just to evaluate technical strategy or management issues, please contact us for more information. We would be more than happy to meet with you and discuss your needs.

Making the right software choice is important. Choosing the right software company is paramount!

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