The quality of the web host can either make or break your online business, so having reliable web hosting is crucial.
  • Downtime on your web site can lead to lost sales and decreased productivity.
  • Great support keeps you front in center no waiting days for updates to your site.
  • Location Matters when it comes to your host provider.
  • The less hops to your computer from the server means we connect you to your customer faster. 

Codank has secure servers in NC and California. Plenty of disk space and Bandwidth

Web Hosting

Our mission is to deliver the best value in cutting edge, enterprise-class ASP.NET Hosting through continuous innovation. We offer three different hosting plans.

Bronze Plan ($9.99) Silver Plan ($19.99) Gold Plan ($29.99)
Host up to 1 site Host up to 3 sites Host up to 5 sites
50Gb Web space 100Gb Web space 200Gb Web space
100Gb Monthly transfer 200Gb Monthly transfer 400Gb Monthly transfer
Up to 10 email accounts No email account limit No email account limit
No database 1 MS-SQL Server Database 5 MS-SQL Server Database
Up to 5 parked domains Up to 10 parked domains Up to 15 parked domains
Custom error pages Custom error pages Custom error pages
Custom MIME types Custom MIME types Custom MIME types
FTP Access FTP Access FTP Access
Frontpage Extensions Frontpage Extensions Frontpage Extensions
Windows 2003 Base Windows 2003 Base Windows 2008 Base
SSL Availability SSL Availability SSL Availability
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